This Indian Tried To Troll Pakistanis But The Way They Replied Is Absolutely Hilarious!

When it comes to a match between India and Pakistan, nothing is as simple as it looks. Aside from the fact that everyone is fired up, the rivalry between the citizens is beyond words. Everyone is throwing shade at each other. While the Indians come up with nasty jokes related to electricity and gurbaat, Pakistanis just use the word ‘toilet’ and the entire Indian space melts down.

But people knew it would be painful to watch our team go against one of the best teams (let’s just face it) in the world!

While Pakistani men went face to face against India last night, our brothers and sisters were taking the social media by storm to make sure they conquer at least somewhere.

Indian Writer Tanmay Bhat Made A Tweet Regarding Afreen Afreen Being Pakistan’s National Anthem

Pakistanis Knew Exactly How To Give Him A Befitting Response Right There And Then!



That Burn!

The State!



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disappointed ‘Jay hind’ is India’s national anthem. Chikni Chameli is better choice

While Pakistan may have lost the match in an awful way, safe to say, our social media warriors certainly know how to win it with their humor and witty comebacks!

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