WATCH: Indian TikTokers Can’t Stop Crying After Modi Bans Chinese Apps

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In a weird move to take revenge from the Chinese for killing the Indian soldiers, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has banned popular Chinese app TikTok in the country. Indians are among the top users of the app. They are known for making crazy videos. Indian TikTokers are now not able to handle the ban and left devastated.

However, many users on Airtel, Vodafone and other service providers reported Tuesday afternoon that TikTok app on their phone was no longer accessible. Opening TikTok app, users were showed they are no longer connected to the internet.

For many others, opening TikTok app promoted an error message that said the popular app was complying with the Indian government’s order and could no longer offer its service. Opening TikTok website in India prompts a similar message.

Also, many Indians believe that they will be unemployed now since that was their only source of income.

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TikTok, which has amassed over 200 million users in India, identifies Asia’s third-largest economy as its biggest overseas market.

Moreover, Indian believes that banning the Chinese app will affect the Chinese economy. They strongly believe that by doing so China will be doomed. Twitter is now once again trolling India over their delusional thinking.


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