Indian Rapper Honey Singh Loves Coke Studio’s Tinak Dhin and We Are Totally Shipping a Collaboration!

No matter what your take is, Coke Studio is one of the finest creations in terms of Pakistani music. A road filled with ups and downs, it has given us the best Pakistani tracks which we can never get bored of. Talents have emerged and made a place in not just our playlists, but also in our hearts.

The renditions have made us listen to our favorite local singers in a song which originally wasn’t theirs – with a blend of instruments which weren’t present in the original versions either. A collaborative effort has made Coke Studio’s journey extremely pleasing for music fanatics.

What makes Coke Studio even more special is how it makes a wave internationally as well. Many international figures, who have the correct sense of music have appreciated the music produced by the music initiative.

Joining the Clan is Famous Indian Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh!

After listening to this year’s Coke Studio’s Tinak Dhin by Ali Sethi, Ali Hamza, and Waqar Ehsin, the famous rapper tweeted the song and encouraged his followers to listen to collaboration.

After seeing this tweet and the way he talked about Ali Sethi, Pakistanis loved it. Even Ali Sethi replied to the tweet by Honey Singh!

And this one here wants a collaboration already!

It will be indeed great to see if singers of two nations collaborate to make a creation of their own.

While that may or may not happen, this definitely sends an endorsing message between two nations. While India and Pakistan are arch rivals in terms of politics, entertainment needs to be kept aside. True talent needs to be appreciated, no matter where it comes from!

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