This Indian Police Officer Gets Arrested For Assisting Kashmiri Fighters!

Indian Police Officer Kashmiri Fighters

Constantly fighting for their illegally snatched freedom, the Kashmiris are living under severe threat since last year. Recently, an unexpected development came into notice after suspicions rise against an Indian officer. Eventually, Davinder Singh of Indian police was recently got caught helping transport arms and Kashmiri fighters for money.

Davinder Singh – an Indian police officer who was helping Kashmiri freedom fighters!

Unfortunately, the escalated situation of Kashmir hasn’t seen calm since India deliberately abrogated Article 370 in 2019. Later, on the crucial happening, Indian celebrities also showed their true colors disappointing their global fans. Well, recently, an Indian police officer, Davinder Singh, got arrested after he was found facilitating Kashmiri freedom fighters.

Indian Police Officer Kashmiri Fighters

Apparently, Davinder Singh was serving the Indian police as the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). However, his arrest has baffled the Indian security forces while the Kashmiris are still demanding freedom from Indian oppression. Particularly, the locals of the valley are putting forward two demands since the start of this regional war but the unjust activities continue.

Transporting the Kashmiri freedom fighters to Jammu city!

Rushing in a car with Kashmiri fighters towards the Jammu city, the police turn Davinder Singh’s plan into vain. According to media reports, DSP Davinder Singh had taken 1.2 million Indian rupees to take them to Delhi. Apparently, the officer has been with the police force for decades and was also a member of a dreaded counterinsurgency unit for Kashmir.

Indian Police Officer Kashmiri Fighters

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Reported numerous time till now, Kashmiris either want freedom from India or a merger with Pakistan. On the recent arrest, Kashmir’s Chief of Police Vijay Kumar called the development ‘big operation’ with the revelation of others arrested. As stated, DSP Davinder Singh was with Naveed Mushtaq Baba and Kashmir’s rebel group’s top commander Hizbul Mujahideen while caught.

Chief of Police Vijay Kumar calls it a ‘big operation’!

”Police intercepted a car in southern Kashmir on Saturday night and arrested Deputy Superintendent Davinder Singh along with two Kashmiri fighters and their civilian aide. The issue is very sensitive and all intelligence agencies and police are jointly interrogating the officer. We have registered a case against [Davinder Singh] under the arms, explosives and unlawful acts”, said Vijay Kumar.

Indian Police Officer Kashmiri Fighters

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Further, the Chief stated that there will be no difference in the treatment of Davinder Singh than other rebels. ”Davinder Singh will get treatment as a rebel and will be jointly interrogated by all the intelligence agencies”, Kumar ended. Soon after the arrest, Indian police killed three Kashmiri freedom fighters in the region’s Tral district.

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