‘I’m Sorry’: Indian Officer Makes Foreigners Write Lockdown Rules 500 Times

indian officer lockdown rules

Remember the school days when your teacher or class monitor would make you write ‘I am sorry’ on the whiteboard several times for being disobedient. Indian police are now making foreign tourists do the same for violating lockdown rules.

As of now, different states around the world have been tightening their lockdown rules, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason goes for, people not following the protocols of social distancing and avoiding, loitering outdoors. Recently, a video has gone viral, where an Indian officer teaches a lesson to foreigners, caught for not obliging to the lockdown rules.

As of now, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 1,800,000 people, moreover, causing the deaths of 114,980 unfortunates.

‘I didn’t follow lockdown rules, I’m sorry’

Owing to the gone viral video, certain tourists from the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Israel were loitering around a beach sightseeing, alongside the Ganges River in Rishikesh. Despite the government’s strict orders on remaining indoors, these foreign tourists didn’t seem to these instructions through their thick skull.

Nevertheless, Indian officers patrolling in the area caught them, asking them if they were aware of the restrictions. With their confirmation, the officers made them write ‘I did not follow lockdown rules, I am sorry’ for 500 times.

Breaching isolation rules

How can Pakistanis leave Indians behind in demonstrating feats of stupidity? With both countries raising the bar for each other, people of these two nations never fail to surprise us.

A few days back, a bunch of people from Sahiwal, were recorded, cheering for a gullible feat, performed by one of them. Owing to the video, it showed that a man lied promptly underneath a freight train, passing at great speed just inches above his head. From the ongoing chanting, it proves that the man had an ongoing bet to win. For which he puts his life on massive risk.

Apart from putting their lives at risk, these people are actually violating the rules of isolation. With the government hell-bent on making people stay at home, gatherings like these are making it easy for the virus to transmit at pace.

Unfortunately, we are not perceiving the gravity of the current ongoing situation. It’s high time, we should observe all precautionary measures and not gamble with our lives. Countries like the US and Italy, have already been losing their people from this deadly virus. Moreover, if we don’t observe the proprieties of physical distancing, we could be next in line for having countless cases and deaths, surfacing every minute.


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