Muslims Of India Stage Nation-Wide Protest Over Anti-Muslim Bill!

Indian Muslims Protest CAB

India is nearing to its agenda on marginalizing 200 million Muslims. After revoking Article 370, enslaving Kashmiris, committing war crimes against those Kashmiris and lynching the Muslims for beef and so much more; it is evident that the Hindutva ‘criminal gang’ will go to any length to eradicate the Muslim minority from its soil. The India of today is facing major unrest, following the Anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Bill.

A large protest has broken out in India against the Citizenship Bill; spreading to various cities.

The citizenship bill was approved this week. In addition, it allows three adjacent countries being Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh to apply for citizenship in India. However, only those are eligible that are non-Muslims. This has created a mass protest, where Muslims fear that this will allow an influx of non-Muslims in India that will slowly take over everything; including the jobs held by Indian Muslims.

The police brutality towards these protestors took their lives.

Reportedly two people have been shot dead by the police in the northeast region. Further, the doctors gave the confirmation and a staggering count of 26 people that have come in injured with gunshot wounds. This protest is another gateway for the Indian forces to kill more Muslims, clearly.

While the authorities continue to clash with New Delhi students, firing tear gas and armed with batons. Moreover, Muslims are seen burning placards in Amritsar. Many rallies were also held in Kolkata, Kerala, and Gujarat.

Caution: Not for the faint of heart. 

UN human rights office in Geneva takes action against illegal use of force over the protestors.

It called India out and asked, “to respect the right to peaceful assembly, and to abide by international norms and standards on the use of force when responding to protests”. Moreover, India’s extremist thuggery against the Muslim minority wasn’t ignored by the international departments. The US State Department urged India to “protect the rights of its religious minorities” according to the sources.

Sadly, this citizenship bill isn’t the only worry Muslims have on their heads. In addition to this, Muslims fear being branded as ‘infiltrators’ or ‘illegal immigrants’. This fear of having to be uprooted from the very soil they have called home follows after the new law.

Moreover, this law that was passed by the Indian Hindu extremist government entails that one can only make it into the registry as a legitimate Indian citizen after they successfully prove through valid documents that their families had migrated to India before March 24, 1971.

Prime Minister who has already raised his voice for the Indian-occupied Kashmir didn’t let this slip by and condemned the anti-Muslim citizenship bill. The picture is clear and so is the gross Hindutva agenda – It is time that the leaders of Islam raise against this atrocity and put an end to it.

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