Indian Men Have Started Fantasizing For A ‘Kashmiri Wife’ And It Has Sparked Outrage On The Internet!

The whole world is watching Indian barbarism and bloodshed happening in Jammu & Kashmir. The Modi Sarkar has yet again shown its vile existence by revoking Article 370 and Article 35A which majorly snatched Jammu and Kashmir’s special status holding a separate identity and clauses. Breaking every shackle of humanity, the mindless Indian nation is also been supporting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s decision and now the Indian men have also displayed their desperate characters of perverted needs for Kashmiri women.

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Indian men and their failing desires!

After Indian troops landed against the innocent Kashmiris, the internet started filling with Tik Tok videos and posts regarding Kashmir and specifically ‘Kashmiri Muslim girls’. As Kashmir lost its status as a separate region, Indians are now daydreaming that they will be successful in invading the Jammu &  Kashmir part, LOL! Well, in the midst of those dreams, Indian men have started displaying their filthy desires to marry a ‘white-skinned Kashmiri girl’ in the future and it has created a haul of debate on social media.

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Not every dream you see becomes a reality!

Pathetic India, pathetic people!

The famous personality of India Kamaal Rashid Khan also tweeted his ignorant wishes!

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s MLA Vikram Saini called out Indian men and asked them to celebrate on the ‘gori larki’ stance!

That ‘like me’ is killing!

Where do these goons even come from?

But they don’t want to!

“Main tou chala Kashmir, mujhe Delhi main koi ladki nai mil rahi!” 

What even?

Zaid Hamid tweeted this video on his Twitter and it’s extremely heart-wrenching!

Well, what else can you expect from a nation whose leaders and influential personalities are happy on Kashmir’s condition? Most of the Indian celebrities showed their true colors carrying a massive number of followers also backed up Modi Sarkar’s decision and many are even labeling it ‘historic’. Where do these people even lie on the humanity line?

The internet is full of such remarks from India and it is a clear picture of their ignorant mindsets. The atrocities of the Indian Army in Kashmir and killing of hundreds of humans daily is not something that should be ignored. The Indian genocide going on from more than a decade now in Kashmir needs urge of Muslim countries to help them out. This is not just Kashmir’s war against terror but it is against every Muslim country present on the face of the planet.

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