An Indian Journalist Visits Lahore and He’s Doing Everything to Make Indians Unhappy

Shivam Vij, a journalist from India, recently visited Lahore, Pakistan. He hails from Delhi and documented his journey extensively on Twitter, which has caught quite an attention so far. We are talking about an Indian with a neutral perspective, on a visit to Pakistan to explore everything the iconic city of Lahore stands for.

We have a lot to talk about his visit but first, let’s uncover some highlights of his trip to Lahore!

When he arrived at the Wagah border

It took him no time to fall in love with Lahore!


Hahahahaha well, what if he had said, “No, I have come from Delhi.”

Not bad. Not at all bad.

Of course. Afterall, it’s food that we are talking about!

This guy is seriously on point with his sarcasm…


Never knew that

Hahahaha Metro busssss

Chalo ji, he’s impressed by the Metro bus project

Halwa Poooooori <3

Is it from 1947?

Love has no boundaries, simply…


Boy, oh boy!


Just look at it, man.

“Lahore leaves Delhi behind”

Lahore Museum is simply breathtaking

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had a matchless swag, seriously

It’s great that they have preserved things from that era. Another reason to love the city!


Indians are really, really not happy with their fellow countryman’s visit to this place – In other words, the sky is blue…

So FUNNY that everyone in the world forgot to laugh.



We are seriously grateful to Mr. Shivam Vij for projecting a positive image of Pakistan and specifically Lahore in his circle. Many people followed his journey on social media and we thank him for his visit.

Pakistan is home to one of the best hospitality services for tourists on earth. We don’t work around the lavish means but love, harmony, and a humble spirit, and I think nothing else matters.

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