Hospitals In India Denying Treatment To Muslim Patients

muslims in india

A hospital in Indian state Utter Pradesh (UP) denied treatment to Muslim patients. The video has gone viral where a hospital staff told a patient that they only treat Muslim patients.

It made the man furious and he recorded the video to share the incident with the people. The hospital, as well as the management, has been facing flak on social media. Where Muslims in India are standing together and helping people during the time of crisis, these Hindu extremists are making their lives difficult daily.

Constant attacks on Muslims in India.

Moreover, there are many incidents in the recent past where the hospitals in India has denied treating Muslim patients.

A few days back, a cancer hospital in Utter Pradesh (UP) city Meerut has put out an advertisement saying it would treat Muslims only when they produce a report showing they have tested negative for coronavirus.

“The alleged misbehaviour of Tablighi Jamaat members has contributed to the spread of the coronavirus infection in the country. This order is not valid for Muslim healthcare professionals, police and people who do not live in Muslim-populated areas,” the advertisement said. The case has also been registered against the hospital.

Also, a government-run hospital in Ahmedabad, the main city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, has been segregating coronavirus patients based on their religion. It is done as per the order from the Indian government.

The Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Gunvant H Rathod said the decision to segregate the patients along religious lines was made as per a state government instruction.

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Furthermore, last month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned against any religious profiling of coronavirus patients by governments across the world.

Over the past two months, AFP’s fact check team has debunked hundreds of social media posts that falsely targeted Muslims in regards to the coronavirus pandemic in India. Fake and dubious videos have proliferated showing Muslims licking fruit for sale and violating lockdown rules.

Indian Newspapers and television channels, as well as the government, have been stirring tensions by accusing Muslims. These misinformation has exploded, so too has real-world violence and anger against Muslims. One BJP leader Subramanian Swamy claimed that India is in peril because of Muslims.


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