Indians Show Their True Colors Again With Hateful Comments On Pakistan’s Independence Day

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The celebrations of the 73rd year of Independence is in full swing today. It began with traditional zeal and fervor across the country as a change of guard ceremonies were held at Mazaar-i-Quaid and Mazaar-i-Iqbal in Karachi and Lahore, respectively.

Pakistanis are celebrating the day with the utmost enthusiasm. However, some Indians, as usual, try to poke their nose in our affair.

Like always, their hatred is evident in different social media posts. Where Pakistanis are celebrating and posting patriotic messages on social media, Indians are sending hatred to us on our big day.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also posted a series of tweets by the PM Office’s Twitter account wishing every Pakistani a Happy Independence Day. He said the day was an occasion to pause and to reflect as to how far we have been able to achieve those ideals that led to the creation of an independent state.

Many Indians are also abusing and posting hate comments on his Twitter post.

Google is also celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day by sharing an illustration of the iconic landmark, the Khojak Tunnel, located in Balochistan’s Qilla Abdullah district on Friday. Many Pakistani, as well as, overseas celebrities, sent wishes to Pakistan today.

Public and private buildings, as well as streets, have been profusely illuminated. National flags, buntings, portraits of founding fathers, posters, and banners are also seen everywhere as part of the celebration of Independence Day.

Despite all the hatred, Pakistanis, as a proud nation, are celebrating the day showing all the haters that we are ONE and don’t care about the hate.


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