Indian Man In Saudia Gets Reported To Cybercrime For ‘Celebrating’ PIA Crash

Indian about PIA crash

The unfriendly relationship between Pakistan and India is known to the world. Kashmir has long been a flashpoint between the two neighbors. However, certain people from the Indian side went to a new low in hatred after a PIA plane crashed in Karachi on Friday.

Recently, some Indians cheered the PIA plane crash which led to the loss of over 90 lives. One of such online warrior also commented under a tweet about the incident. He wrote, “Ek din mein 100 suar margaye” (in the span of one day, hundred pigs have died). The guy named Akshay Yadav certainly crossed the limits.

However, soon after his tweet, people traced him and started reporting him to the concerned authorities. Some even lodged complaints in the cybercrime cell. Reportedly, the Indian man is living in Saudia Arabia.

Here’s how people started complainant against the guy to the Saudi authorities and the cybercrime cell.

She tagged the princess into the matter

‘This man celebrates the death of Muslim’

‘Kindly, take the strictest action possible against this hate monger’

‘Akshay Yadav is a racist, fear-mongering Islamophobic paranoid’

‘Dear Saudi Police, please take necessary actions against him’

After watching certain complaints and reactions against him, Akshay got intimidated and said, “I have deleted it. Please, don’t report to my employer.”

However, as of yet, he did not delete his hateful tweet. Nevertheless, one thing is sure, Akshay got frightened after people started reporting his profile and tagged Saudia authorities on his harsh comments.

The unfortunate incident of the plane crash in Pakistan before Eid brought tears to many eyes. Several precious lives were lost. Many homes and families will not be the same again. However, in this sad hour, social media also saw some Indians are cheering the incident. While many sensible Indians also apologized to Pakistan on behalf of their countrymen who had been acting immaturely.


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