This Indian Girl Claims ‘She Got Married On Zoom’ And We Want to Know How

Indian Girl Married On Zoom

The best and the only good part of the coronavirus is that it has brought many new trends. And the trends that are very convenient, creative, and economical. I mean, who wants to spend billions on a wedding. Sure, everyone wants to enjoy, dance, have fun, go crazy on their wedding but that all comes with a price and that too, not one that one can manage jus like that. This Indian Girl claims that she got married on zoom and our response is… PLEASE GIVE US TIPS!

She says, “Was probably among the 0.1% of brides who had to worry about 2 factor authentication 30 mins before getting married. But I loved everything about my smallcutezoomwedding”

Wedding and expenses

The worst part about weddings is the bill one has to pay. No, no. Not just one bill. Stacks of bills. You will see people buying notepads specifically to pen down all the list of things bought and… well… bought. It involves multiple courses of shopping – some things that are really not needed but somehow make its way to the house for the sake of it. So, yeah, where were we? Expenses!

indian Girl Married On Zoom

source: twitter

Do you wonder how many things would this bride have bought for her wedding? All we see is a fancy, gorgeous attire. Maybe, they’d have made sure the electricity doesn’t act up. Or the internet connection doesn’t become the saas of the event. Oh, and what about FOOD? Does everyone cook their meals, sit before the videocall, and eat in unison? Wow! That’s an image – no one complaining about food getting thanda, sharp salty, or too sweet. Everyone’s happy. Finally.

Guests – where and how do they adjust to the frame?

Indian girl Married On Zoom

source: twitter

Now that we have covered food and dress and shopping – it’s time we look into the guest list. Wait… was there a guest list involved? Of course, of course. But what were the instructions? What did the wedding invitation card say? RSVP? Join in the Zoom wedding at XYZ time? Cool.

Now let’s have a look at the Twitterati’s response

Legendary? Sure.


Aww, of course


This is what we want to talk about

In Pakistan, though, we have been hearing some good as well as some not-so-good wedding stories. But we have certainly enjoyed this show and expect more of these to come.

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