Ex-Indian General Regrets Being Part Of Army After Modi Surrenders To China

modi surrenders to china

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly surrendered to China after he openly denied China intrusion in Indian territory. Indian Army has lost at least 20 soldiers in a clash with China on the Ladakh border. But, Modi has turned a blind eye towards the whole incident.

However, Congress on Saturday accused Modi of surrendering to China and giving it a clean chit by asserting that there was no intrusion by Chinese troops into Indian territory in eastern Ladakh.

“If the land was Chinese, why were our soldiers killed? Where were they killed,” said former Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The ex-Indian commander calls it a ‘sad day’

China is giving tough time to India on the Ladakh border. Meanwhile, Lt Gen (retd) Rameshwar Roy took to Twitter to express his disappointment over Modi’s statement as he neglects all the recent happenings. He said he was happy to be not part of the Indian Army now.

Roy has served as an Indian commander and fought for his country in the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK).

Moreover, senior Congress leader and former Indian minister P Chidambaram said, “The PM said there is no foreigner intrusion in Indian territory. If this is true, what was the fuss about May 5-6? Why was there a fight between troops on June 16-17? Why did India lose 20 lives.”

Furthermore, earlier on Friday, Rahul accused the central government of being ‘fast asleep and denying the problem’ at the border.

China has challenged India and disgraced its army. Reciprocally, Indian media has nothing to say except for some fake claims and Modi was silent. Now, his statement has come as a bigger shock. However, people on social media are continuously trolling Modi and Indian Media.

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