Indian Film Race 3 Copied Falak’s Song Without Consent and It Needs to Be Talked About

Salman Khan is known for the news he makes in terms of getting the attention of the media. A few months back, he was all over the news for the tragic mistake he made years ago in terms of the animal poaching case. This, however, made the release of his then-upcoming film Race 3 in continuous threat, but the actor managed to pick up the pace.

Race 3 released over the Eid and well, it had quite a mixed review from the critics and the fans. Given the age, the cast, the failed cinematics, and whatnot – Race 3 was not the sort of film it once was – under Hrithik Roshan and Amir Khan.

As An Overview, Here’s What People Thought About Race 3:

In Just 6 Days, Sanju Broke the Records of Race 3

Would you Look at THIS!


While Salman Khan and the Co failed to do their magic on the box office with Race 3, there’s something new that emerged recently and definitely needs some attention. Race 3’s party song Heeriye is the EXACT rip-off of Pakistani singer Falak Shabir’s song Naina Da Nasha.

Three Years Ago, Falak Shabir, In Collaboration With Deep Money, Released Naina Da Nasha

Three Years Later, Race 3 Copies the Falak Shabir’s Track for their Track Heeriye

The music and somewhat the lyrics are the exact rip-off of Falak’s song Naina Da Nasha.

And Our Pakistani Singer Wants the Local Media to Shed Some Attention On It

While the Indian media shared a video which compares both these tracks, Falak urges the local media to speak on this as well.

On the Other Hand, People Are Claiming How Deep Money Was the One Who May Have Sold Falak Out

The song by Falak is in collaboration with Deep Money, who is also featuring in the Race 3 track.

Well, this indeed seems like a controversy and the Pakistani singer needs to be addressed in this matter as well.

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