OMG! A Doctor On Indian TV Soap Uses ‘Bathroom Scrubbers’ As Defibrillators

indian drama scrubber defibrillator

The Indian television drama serials never fail to make people laugh. Most of their dramas are nothing but jest. Although the director of such shows tries quite hard to impress the audience while putting some serious notions, usually they fail badly. Recently, one of the Indian drama showed a doctor using a bathroom scrubber as a defibrillator. Can you believe that!

A scene from an Indian soap Krishnakoli has left the social media in shock. Where a doctor is seen using bathroom scrubber brush instead of a defibrillator in the Indian drama. Moreover, the bathroom scrubber is from a famous company Scotch Bright’ with whom many in the region are familiar. Imagine the creativity of the director who made the doctor uses the bathroom scrubber as a defibrillator. LOL!


A defibrillator in medical science is used to prevent death. Moreover, defibrillators are gadgets that normalize the heartbeat; they send a shock or an electric pulse to the heart. Defibrillators are used to correct an arrhythmia_ a heartbeat that is not even. Furthermore, they can also restore the beating of the heart if it stops.  Well, the India showbiz industry has a parallel to defibrillators, which is a bathroom scrubber brush.

Besides it is an established fact that people in India live in a fool’s paradise. In reality, they believe whatever they see on their televisions screens. Many of us are aware of the Indian media and how they deceive their public when it comes to matters related to Pakistan and Kashmir.

Reportedly, the Indian drama serial is in the Bengali language. It was aired on Zee Bangla TV. How on earth, is it possible to make people fool with such an imprudent act. In this digital era, it is quite difficult to deceive the masses yet the directors took the chance.

Anyhow, people on social media are now trolling the Indian director as the pictures went viral on Twitter.

Lol! people are tired of the Indian masala on TV, look at what they have to say about the scrubber defibrillator drama!

Many Indian moms are actually loving the TV drama. What!

Ah Oh! feeling sorry for our Bengali brothers who watch such shows

Actually, they think the audience is a fool

Meanwhile, Indian directors need to ponder upon their skills. As what they showcase, people accept, which is counter-productive for them. For instance, they showcase they can defeat Pakistan in their movies but in reality, they can only kill a few trees as said by PM Imran Khan in UNGA. The Indian directors must take some tips from Pakistani artists who always create masterpieces like Ankahi, Hamsafar, and Mere Paas Tum Ho?


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