Indian Doctors Face Harassment From Public Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

indian doctors evicted coronavirus

As of now, India has also obtruded a 3-week complete lockdown, ever since cases surpassed the number of 562. With the Coronavirus pandemic exacerbating day by day, India, as well as other countries around the globe, fear for themselves. As a consequence of public panic and soaring anxiety, Indian doctors report having been earmarked for harassment, as they get forcefully evicted from their homes.

Locals Persecute Their Indian Doctors

Owing to the news reports, the decree of locking down the nation has certainly incited fear amongst the locals. Nevertheless, people have been debarring and discerning against the medical staff of their own country. The rationale behind this trepidation is because of doctors working with COVID-19 patients. Therefore, people’s fear of these doctors can ultimately radix further infections, if they reside amongst the locals.

This Tuesday, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences sent a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, highlighting the dilemma. The letter stated: “The mob is asking Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in COVID care to vacate their rental homes. Moreover, landlords and house-owners have evicted some of them from their temporary residences, forcefully. The pretext behind this is the fear that those healthcare professionals make them susceptible to coronavirus infection.”

indian doctors evicted coronavirus

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Furthermore, some doctors have reported that now their electricity has been cut. Others depict that people have stranded them on the roads with all their luggage.

Following, Chief Minister of Dehli, Arvind Kejriwal addressed the issue by condemning the public’s act. Whilst enunciating, he said that these doctors are saving our lives by placing their lives at risk. It is highly preposterous of the landlords to evict them from their homes.

Sadly, where the whole world including Pakistan, is bestowing prayers for the safety of their doctors, their sacrifices for helping the Coronavirus patients, the people of India are just clobbering them.

indian doctors evicted coronavirus

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Same Goes For Airline Staff

Apart from the Indian doctors, the Airline staff of India is also facing the same reprisal. Talking specifically about those airline staff, who have been traveling in the past few weeks to countries with high tolls of Coronavirus patients. For starters, an employee of airline Indigo shared a video of the locals harassing her family in the market place, after finding out that she is a Coronavirus patient.

Loathing the acts of the locals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged everyone to stand five minutes at their balconies in appreciation of the people fighting this deadly virus.

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