"ICC Clears The Air"-Is The Indian Cricket Team Involve in Match Fixing?

“ICC Clears The Air”-Is The Indian Cricket Team Involve in Match Fixing?

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India somehow isn’t in the best shape right now due to coronavirus, even their first love cricket Indian Premier League got Postponed which also affected the Indian cricket board as well. ICC also confirmed the news of the Indian cricket team involved in match fixing to be false.

Such news surely does affect not only the team but also the host side too. but luckily India and New Zealand will visit alternate venues for the World Test Championship final.

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Recently ICC announced that the allegations regarding match fixing on Indian Cricket Team were wrong due to less proof of evidence.

Indian Test Matches Fixed-Allegation by Al-Jazeera

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Source: Al Jazeera

The Indian side must face such highly intensified allegations by the well-known news outlet and in response ICC (International Cricket Council) came on board with some serious remarks on the allegations.

Al Jazeera said, “passages of play identified as fixed entirely predictable, and therefore “implausible as a fix”.

It all came to attention when Al Jazeera’s documentary ‘Cricket Match Fixer’ released in 2018 and in which they claimed that India’s game against England in Chennai in 2016 and the one against Australia in 2017 in Ranchi fixed.

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In the documentary one of the bookies Aneel Munawar seen claiming his connections with the Indian cricket team. And also linked with the history of match fixing.

ICC Cleared The Air & Said Indian Side Not Involved

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When all of these things happened, ICC began their investigation and released a statement.

“The program alleged that two matches were fixed:

India v England in Chennai in 2016 and India v Australia in Ranchi in 2017.

To come up with a better solution and take the Indian Cricket team out of these allegations. ICC brought four cricket specialists and independent betting to analyze the whole scenario.

When four of the participants came with the outcome, they said, that the program was predictable, and therefore implausible as a fix.

Investigation Team & Main Agenda

As ICC didn’t officially reveal the members whom they released from the investigation, but as per the sources former Pakistani cricket Hasan Raza, Sri Lanka’s Tharanga Indika, and Tharindu Mendis.

They had joined the investigation team.

Further ICC said, All those five participants won’t be charged by ICC Anti-Corruption Code. Because of the lack of evidence provided.

ICC majorly focusing on three main areas: the claims made by the program, the suspects who were part of it, and how the program gathered evidence.

Alex Marshall Integrity Unit Gm said,

“Based on the program, the Participants to the Code who were filmed appear to have behaved questionably, however, we have been unable to assess the full context of the conversations that took place beyond what was seen on screen versus what the Participants claim happened.

Due to less evidence, it would be unfair to bring high-end charges, said by Marshall.

ICC managed the whole scenario greatly without any doubt and wouldn’t create any distraction for the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli’s side ready to face New Zealand in the final World Test Championship in few months.

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