After Revoking Article 370, Indian Authorities Have Now Banned Friday Prayers In IOK And This Is Wrong!

The increasing protests of innocent Kashmiris against Indian brutality show a clear picture of much-awaited freedom. Every day, a large number of Kashmiris are killed by the deployed Indian military troops and the international platforms aren’t ready to intervene. The influential Kashmiri freedom fighters and politicians are either on house arrest or put in jails with no reason attached.

Friday Prayers banned in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) before the Kashmiri protest!

As the conditions started to fall out, Indian authorities ordered their military and police to further barricade the streets and tighten the curfew. Earlier this week, posters and pamphlets were distributed by Kashmiris at mosques calling for a protest rally towards the United Nations (UN) office in Srinagar after Friday prayers. In response to the upcoming protest, Indian troops tightened the curfew situation and banned Friday prayers in IOK.

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A horrifying picture of the sheer blackout was imposed in the Kashmir valley especially in Srinagar, the important part of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Roads were totally blocked, streets were barricaded with concertina wires and no one was allowed to come out of their houses.

The scrapping of Article 370 by BJP’s Amit Shah and its severe effect on Kashmiris!

On August 5th, 2019, Bharata Janata Party (BJP)’s Amit Shah abrogated Article 370 on Anti-Muslim Narendra Modi’s orders snatching Jammu and Kashmir’s separate status turning the situation to extreme terms. The chaotic turmoil in Kashmir currently is a weaving example of India’s illicit forceful atrocities in the valley.

After depriving Kashmiris of their basic autonomy, Indian authorities have now targeted their right to religion. The decision to ban Friday prayers was taken to prevent Kashmiris from exhibiting a protest and stop them from coming out for prayers. The marching orders were released by Kashmiri leaders through posters against India’s illegal take over in Jammu and Kashmir.

The protest call was given by influential Kashmiri leaders!

The given protest call by the Kashmiri leaders urged everyone, be it the person of any age, old or young, man or woman to join the protest and spread a message across India and other parts of the world that Kashmiris will never allow India and Hindu culture to occupy their territory and that they will fight for their legal stances till the last drop fo blood.


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Where the world is staging protests and calling out for the help of innocent Kashmiris, the United Nations (UN) is silenced over the dispute since the start. People are asking why the UN is not intervening in the matter and why is not stopping India from genocide? Whatever, the reason is, no human on earth deserves to live the way Kashmiris are living these days.

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