Brave Indian Army Cries After Witnessing The Horrors of War

Indian soldiers cry

Army has a cardinal role in the defense of any country. Besides, in our society, the personality of an army man is of a tough guy with the utmost bravery. However, if an army man cries on minute things, this showcases the level of the training and psychological failure of an army. A video, surfacing on the internet is depicting how Indian army soldiers are crying.

Although the video is of Kashmir, some people on twitter say the video is a recent one, made after the Galwan valley attack.

However, as per some other tweets, the video is of the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK). When Indian soldiers got killed in the valley, their accomplices started crying.

Indian VS China

The gallant army of China has brought Indian forces on knees. On the night of last Monday, Chinese troops have killed at least 20 soldiers, which includes a colonel. As per Chinese media, the war began after the Indian army violated border protocols.

Besides, there are reports, that China has gained control of the immense amount of area in Ladakh.

In conclusion, the Indian army is facing disgrace across the world. India and China said they wanted peace but blamed each other after soldiers of the two sides savagely fought each other with nail-studded clubs and stones on their Himalayan border.

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