Viral Video Shows How Indian Soldiers Were Thrashed After A Faceoff

indian army got beaten

There was a time when the overconfident Indian army used to kill innocent Kashmiris for no reason. Nature has its own way. Recently, the Chinese army brutally killed and injured several Indian soldiers. They used clubs and batons to beat the Indian soldiers. A viral video has now surfaced where Indian soldiers could be seen crying due to pain.

Reportedly, the video seemed to be of Ladakh where the Chinese army brought the Indian forces on knees.

In the video, an officer of the Indian army could be heard giving hopes to the injured soldiers. He said, “Don’t worry and be patient. Everything is ok, don’t lose courage. The ambulance is coming.”

Besides, it is evident in the video, how the Indian soldiers cried and yelled in pain. Furthermore, the video also depicts, how badly the Chinese army defeated the poor Indian army.

Although many people are also claiming the video is from Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK), reacting to which some are saying, even then it showcases the weakness of the Indian army.

Nature has its own way

India wreaked havoc on Kashmir especially after the revocation of article 370 and 35A from the Indian constitution. With more than 0.7 million forces in the valley, Kashmiris have been living in hell for decades. 

Following the humiliating defeat of Indian forces in Ladakh, people are saying this had to happen one day after how they treated the locals in IoK. As per reports, China has also detained several Indian soldiers. Besides, the flag bearer of the largest democracy and powerful army, the Indian government is as silent as a dark night. Indians are waiting for Narendra Modi and his companions to say something concrete against China.

Meanwhile, people on social media are reacting to the viral video and commenting on it.

Paying for their brutality in Kashmir?



It doesn’t matter, whether the video is of Kashmir or China, Indian forces could be seen lost and humiliated in it. The Indian army is now begging the Chinese army and its government. China has accused Indian troops of a “deliberate provocation” in its first official comments on Monday’s deadly clash.


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