Indian Air Force (IAF) To Retire Its Last ‘Vintage’ MiG 27 Squadron!

Indian Air Force MiG 27

After losing a huge number of fighter jets to Pakistan, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has finally decided something beneficial. While the two nuclear-armed states, Pakistan and India were on the verge of war earlier, the rusty Indian fighter jets showed a miserable picture. As per the latest news, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has at last decided to decommission its ‘dangerous’ MiG 27 fighter jets.

Indian Air Force to decommission its last MiG 27 squadron this week!

Certainly, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s extremist leadership, the Indian nation has faced massive embarrassment and humiliation. Eventually, sane minded Indians got against Modi Sarkar’s failures and started demanding his resignation from the Prime Minister post. Anyways, the crashing Indian Air Force (IAF)’s last MiG 27 squadron is finally up for retirement this weekend as per the official reports.

Indian Air Force MiG 27


Apparently, the IAF officials, after noticing the frequent crashes of Indian MiG 27 fighter jets called for action. According to Indian media reports, the authorities have decided to decommission the last flying MiG 27 aircraft, currently in Jodhpur. Reports suggest that the IAF is going to retire the sole MiG 27 left, this weekend on Friday.

No other country operates MiG 27 now!”

Since the revelation of the big news went public, a senior official of the IAF talked about the decision taken to clear the air. As per Colonel Sombit Ghosh’s statement, on Tuesday, “The squadron of the seven MiG-27 fighters will have its last sortie from Jodhpur Air Base on December 27 and all the planes will thereafter be decommissioned.“.

Indian Air Force MiG 27

“After decommissioning of MiG 27’s last squadron from Jodhpur airbase, the aircraft will pass into history not only in India but in the entire world. No other country operates MiG 27 now”, Ghosh added. However, it is not yet decided where to keep the planes after decommissioning.

The exact fate of this MiG 27 squadron planes is not yet known!”

Speaking about the concluding chapter of the decomposed MiG 27, Colonel Sombit Ghosh said that the ‘fate’ isn’t decided yet. Further, he said, “The exact fate of this MiG 27 squadron planes is not yet known. But mostly after decommissioning, the planes are either used as souvenirs or returned to the base or depot or even could be given to some other country”.

Indian Air Force MiG 27

Previously as well, news of IAF retiring it’s MiG 27’s has circulated the mainstream media sparking a debate among the masses. Well, the humiliation came in after it was revealed that IAF is flying 44-year-old Russian jets and that explained the earlier crashes. However, at last, IAF realized the burden of useless MiG 27 ‘fighter’ jets they were carrying.

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