Indian Actress Sushmita Sen Gave The Best Replies To Her Fans While Shedding Light On Women Empowerment!

If you are a 90s person reading this articles, I am sure you remember how Sushmita Sen made history by winning Miss Universe Pageant in 1994. If you don’t remember, here’s a flashback for you:

Back in the day, even Pakistanis were (and I hope still are) huge fans of Sushmita Sen. Her charismatic personality, brilliant acting skills and of course, her tall and dark beauty appeal was adored by everyone. Her performance in Biwi No. 1, Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? Main Hoon Na and Zindaggy Rocks are still loved by many.

Recently, Sushmita Sen did the usual celebrity Question and Answer session on Twitter. The session was done on the International Women’s Day, so many questions directed to Sushmita were related to women empowerment.

What made this session even more exciting was how beautifully Sen answered questions related to women empowerment.

Question: What Is A Successful Woman Without Her Husband?

Sushmita’s answer:

This answer couldn’t have fitted Sushmita’s image any better. As a single mother who adopted two beautiful angels, Sushmita is a living example of successful women.

Nicely Said!

Ugh, Love Her!

Even Her Answers Are Full Of Expression

Because Women Too Are Humans!

Yes Please


And She Gave Her Love To Pakistan As Well

Answering some more questions, Sen kept showing us her confident yet witty side.

Oh And She Would Be Perfect!

Here’s to hoping we will see another comeback by this iconic and extremely graceful actress! <3

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