Another Indian Actor Mehjabi Siddiqui Quits Showbiz Citing Religious Reasons & Dons Hijab

mehjabi siddiqui quits showbiz

Indian actor Mehjabi Siddiqui, who participated in the 11th season of Bigg Boss, quits showbiz. She cites religious reasons and dons a hijab leaving the entertainment industry behind.

It may be recalled that another former Indian actor Sana Khan who gained fame after appearing in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, quit the entertainment industry in 2020 to pursue her journey towards Islam and spend the rest of her life serving humanity.

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Khan started wearing a hijab when she stepped away from the entertainment industry in 2020. Inspired by Khan, another former Bigg Boss contestant has decided to follow the path.

In a statement, Mehjabi Siddiqui after she quits showbiz revealed that she has decided to ‘obey the Creator’ and will now always wear a hijab. Taking to Instagram, she shared a long note regarding her decision to quit the entertainment industry and pursue religion.

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“The reason I am writing this is that I was upset for 2 years. I did not know what to do in order to feel better,” she penned down. “When someone commits a sin, the shame ends a short time later, but the bad deed remains until the end.”

“In retrospect, I realized that I had forgotten my real life and the life hereafter, and I was living this worldly life that makes me look good to people,” Siddiqui added. “However hard you try to please people and no matter how much time you devote, people will never appreciate you. Spending time in persuading Allah may be more effective for you and me in the long run.”

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In her note, the former actor also spoke about how Sana Khan inspired her. “For the past year, I have been following Sana Khan,” she wrote. “Her words captivated me and watching her videos sparked a new interest in listening to (religious) programs in me.”

“It is impossible for me to describe the happiness I experienced after repenting to Allah,” the note further read. “What I was looking for in happiness, I found by worshipping Allah. I now resolve to always wear the hijab as long as I live. May Allah forgive my sins, grant me the ability to walk on the right path.”

Meanwhile, Siddiqui also removed several pictures from her Instagram account except a few with hijab. Many of her colleagues from her fraternity as well as followers supported her decision and sent her good wishes. 

Not so long ago, Dangal star Zaira Wasim decided to quit acting. The actor wanted her ‘religious’ family to give her one chance. It is definitely not easy to leave everything at the peak of your career. May Allah help Siddiqui and guide her on this journey.

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