NDMA Issues Flood Warning After India Released Water Into River Sutlej

Sutlej river flood

The rival of Pakistan, India once again showed her true color. India has released around 150,000 to 200,000 cusecs of water in Pakistan.

The water will flow into the river Sutlej. According to our sources, Pakistani authorities were not informed about the release of water into river Sutlej. This move of India has pushed Pakistan on the verge of the flood.

Any time, River Sutlej may get overloaded, resulting in a heavy flood in the region. According to the reports of Radio Pakistan, the released water from India will reach Ganda Singh Wala, a border near Kasur, in the upcoming 12 to 24 hours.

River Sutlej

Source: Arab News Pk

Following this, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) announced a flood warning after which the government of Kasur and other districts, situated on the ledges of the Sutlej, were instructed to take decisive actions.

The warning stated:

According to already predicted by Flood Forecasting Division Lahore of Pakistan Meteorological Department, Very Heavy to Extremely heavy rainfall has been observed over the upper and lower catchments of Rivers Sutlej, Beas & Ravi during last 72-Hrs.

Discharges from Bhakra Dam & merging the flows from lower catchments is likely to synchronize to form Medium to High flood level in River Sutlej at GS Wala & downstream and flood situation is likely to remain as under:

River Sutlej at GS Wala would attain & sustained flow 80000 to 90000 Cusecs(Medium Flood Level) with sharp peak upto 150000 Cusecs (High Flood Level)starting from between 20th to 21st Aug-2019 night, at Sulemanki 70000-90000 Cusecs(Medium Flood level) with sharp peak upto 130000 Cusecs (High Flood Level)starting from 23rd August-2019 and at Islam 70000-100000 Cusecs (Low-Medium Flood Level) starting from 25th August-2019.

All the concerned authorities are ALERTED to take precautionary measures accordingly.

Moreover, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar has summoned an emergency meeting in Lahore to talk about the situation. As per the spokesperson of Chief Minister (CM) secretariat, Usman Buzdar will himself observe assistance activities in case of flooding.

In addition, the government authorities have also directed people residing at the riverbank to relocate.

Rescue Mission on River

Source: The News

Minister for Population Welfare Punjab, Muhammad Hashim Dogar, coupled with Commissioner Lahore Division, Muhammad Asif Bilal Lodhi also went to see the situation in the areas of district Kasur where a flood will likely to come.

Many considering the pathetic move of India as a reaction to what Pakistan has achieved in the United Nations against India.

Earlier this month, India revoked article 35 A and 370. The removal of articles made Kashmir an integral part of India, which is against the constitution of India as well as International Law.

Intellectuals and political leaders along with analysts are predicting a war between the two neighboring countries. According to Prime Minister, Imran Khan, the war will be catastrophic as both the nations are nuclear nations. As per minster for the railway, Sheikh Rasheed, the war is likely to happen in coming three to six months.

This is not the first time India has breached the Indus River Treaty and released water in Pakistan, making Pakistan flood-prone. Hopefully, India will reap what she is sowing.


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