Pakistan & India Might Be Going To War Again As Reports Suggest Cross-border Fighter Jet Clashes!

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently met the President of the United States Donald Trump at the White House and both premiers had successful dialogues. During the talks on various matters, Imran Khan brought up the matter that no one would think he would; which was the long-standing dispute of occupied Kashmir.

Surprisingly, Trump claimed that even the Indian Prime Minister Modi asked him to mediate on Kashmir issue, which was met with intense outrage from India. They denied their Prime Minister making such statements.

Via Deccan Herald

However, after this event, news has emerged that is extremely alarming. Sources say that the situation has heated up in Kashmir and an additional 25,000 Indian troops have been deployed in the occupied Kashmir over the already 10,000 present, that arrived there a week before. They have been stationed to various parts of Kashmir. Moreover, things have definitely taken a serious turn as the Indian government has placed their army including their Air Force on high alert. It is being rumored that something big is about to happen after August 15 or maybe even before that.


Everyone is questioning what could have been going in the occupied Kashmir that they needed to place Army and Air Force on high alert?

A Twitter Thread Suggests A Possibility Of Intense Conflict Between Pakistan And India That Could Be Hinting Towards A Full-Blown War In The Future? 

The authenticity of this thread has been confirmed by Zaid Hamid, who suggested that the information below seems credible.

“Article 35A and Article 370 are two such articles in the Constitution of India that provide special rights and privileges to the permanent residents of J&K and grant special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.”

It is being rumored that the existence of article 35 A might be removed and with the additional deployment of Indian soldiers might bear bad news for Kashmiris and Pakistan.

This was revealed after another serious incident, where it is being reported that India and Pakistan’s Barrier Combat Air Patrol (BCAPS) came close to each other more than once in less than 5 hours. This seems intense and it is likely that the situation between both forces is escalating.

If this information is authentic then India does seem to be trying to initiate war with Pakistan by causing major conflicts. Nuclear war is off the table and would do irreversible damage that no other country would want even. India needs to reconsider their moves and consider productive dialogues over extreme measures. India’s war-mongering needs to end for good.

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Chilling, alarming and panicky!

Hopefully, the heat dies down and both countries celebrate their independence day with the same zeal and excitement as every year while the suffering of Kashmiris lessens instead of escalating.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think India is planning on initiating war against Pakistan? Let us know in the comment section below!

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