India On Knees: Chinese Forces Giving A Tough Time To Indian Army In Ladakh

India China Ladakh

India is the country which nags nations, if an opponent strikes hard, India struggles. Recently, the flag bearer of the largest democracy annoyed China and is now suffering heavily. Reportedly, India started constructing roads and airstrips in a disputed territory of Ladakh, which inflamed China.

Following this, border skirmishes between the two countries become rampant. As per viral videos and posts, China is reprimanding India and the soldiers of China are kicking the Indian army. Reciprocally, Indian forces are begging China.

As per, The Hindu, “Incident of face-off took place between the troops and, as a result of aggressive behavior, minor injuries took place on both sides. Troops disengaged after dialogue and interaction at the local level.”

In the video, it is evident how Chinese soldiers are beating the Indian forces. The fight was weaponless. Imagine if China hits India with sophisticated weapons, what would happen to the Indian army?

‘China cannot remain oblivious’

Earlier, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said China wants to resolve issues with dialogue. However, he added, it “cannot remain oblivious to India’s illegal constructions.”

The minister said, “The world should take notice of India’s motives, where is it headed?”

“Sometimes India has problems with Nepal. At times, it tries to disrupt the Afghan peace process.”

“India tries to promote unrest in Balochistan and now it has done the same in Ladakh and is trying to blame China for it.”

In the aforementioned video, it is clear how intimidated the Indian army officer was and how gallantly and bravely the Chinese army officer was talking. Furthermore, the video also depicted how the Chinese personnel was reprimanding and castigating the poor Indian party.

People on social media are posting voraciously about the issue.

Modi has no other option than to say sorry

Here’s a kick of China to India

Really did he? HAHA!

India begging China

In August, India forcefully abrogated Article 370 and 35 A from its constitution, forcing Kashmir to be a part of it. This led to widespread protests from Pakistan and Kashmiris. However, Indian forces imposed lockdown in Kashmir and persecuted the innocent Kashmiris. Now, they are trying to annex Ladakh, with its hypocritic moves. Nevertheless, China took strong action against the Indian forces and replied harshly.

Besides, Chinese forces brought Indians on their knees. Trump also offered meditation. Above all, China dignified her nation, and India disgraced her people. But both China and India have rejected the offer.

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