India’s Match Strategy against Sri Lanka Reached Twitter and Is Going Viral Like Crazy

India versus Sri Lanka; a face-off between two giants in cricket is something to talk about. Both sides are highly competitive in all aspects and it’s a pleasure to see them go one-on-one against each other.

The action-packed matches we see on the pitch are actually crafted in the best strategic nature before they are played. Match strategy, tactics, tips and twists are a former plan that the coach and the team captain undertakes. Some unknown person left the strategy sheet of the 1st Test match at Galle which caught the attention of social media.

Someone’s misery reached Twitter in no time…

After the match strategy of Team India against Sri Lanka went viral, people started discussing whatever information they could make out from the piece.

Well. Well. Well.


We ask too!

If you’re a cricket fan, this might be thought-provoking for you


It’s kind of embarrassing how this got out and spread among so many people. A strategy is a strategy. It’s difficult to craft one and now a lot can be predicted from the pattern followed in the document. Give a good brain in cricket to analyse this and the job is done.

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