Modi To Follow Trump’s ‘Detention Camps’ Policy For Muslims In India

India detention camps

India has become a neo-nazi and neo-fascist state. After the BJP came in power, secular India shift began towards chivalrous one. As per reports, India’ detention centres are oppressing people.

India revoked article 370and 35(a) and turned Kashmir and integral part of her. Consequently, this wreaked havoc on the denizens of Kashmir in Indian

Similarly, India introduced CAA, which ignited countrywide protests. Reciprocally, Hindu-Muslims riots spurred, along with RSS brawls with other minorities.

Now, India has introduced detention camps for those who are ineligible for the new citizenship rules. 

 India's detention camps

Source: Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, Purobi Hajong, a resident of Assam is afraid that she may be detained in the detention centre. 

“I always live in fear that someone will come to my home to pull me out from here and put me in there,” Hajong said, denoting to the approximately built edifice in her village in the northeastern state of Assam. “I pray to God not to give me that fate.” I

Circled by a high perimeter wall with observatories, the centre will be capable of holding 3,000 people found to be “foreigners” illegally living in Assam. Reportedly, five alike facilities are in making ranging from Karnataka in the south to Punjab in the north.

These detainment hubs are the foremost lines of a widening conflict across India that could see citizenship withdrawn for millions of people. Novel national protests against religion-based citizenship law is a threat to Modi regime. However, the RSS driven, BJP regime has left no stone unturned in soaring Hindutva across India. 

Home Minister Amit Shah, called undocumented migrants from adjacent Bangladesh as “termites”.

Halima’s Saga

In Assam, the detainees over citizenship claims have felt enslaved. Halima Khatun after spending around four years in one of the centres depicted the horrible picture of the camps. 

Halima was one of the 970 people, who were in the state’s foreigners list. Khatun to Bloomberg said, “Detainees were kept in dormitories with as many as 40 people to a room.” She added, “They were forced to use crowded toilets with little privacy and weren’t provided with enough food to stave off their persistent hunger.” 

“It is like chickens raised in a poultry farm,” said Khatun, 46. “It was better to die.”

Anyhow, Khatun with 128 others got released in December on the orders of Supreme Court after serving 3 years in prison. Notwithstanding, Halima’s isn’t finished yet, Halima coupled with her 4 children is not in the new citizenship list. “I don’t know what our future holds,” Halima said. “We are living in fear.”

 Halima in India's detention camps

Source: Bloomberg

Nevertheless, the Assam government has rejected claims that situations in jail are poor. The detention centres are the ultimate proof of Modi’s nazism. Moreover, the country is under the perennial cycle of riots between the majority and the minority. 

Above all, the true face of Modi is now becoming evident to the world. Sadly, the United Nations along with the flag bearers of peace, could not do anything because of their market interests.  Furthermore, instead of bashing what India is doing inside her country, Mr Donald Trump praised Modi, ignoring several protests in India against Modi. Indian trade ties are soaring despite her inhumane actions.

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