India Dam Break Kills at Least 31

india dam break

Global warming is alarming us with dramatic structural shifts upon the world’s ice caps and performs, and every year, those alterations are becoming more apparent and violent in effect.

Inida Dam break kills atleast 31

Pakistan also faced several Heavy Floods In Swat – People Move To Safer Places After Water Level Rises In River. The water level in the Swan River has risen to an alarming level. It has forced the people living near the river to vacate their houses and move to safer places due to the threat of flooding.

Disaster In India

The flood that burst into a major hydroelectric dam in India’s Himalayan northeast killed at least 31 people, official, Caretakers said Friday, as ice-cold water swept through mountain towns, washing away houses and bridges and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes.

The flood started shortly after midnight Wednesday when a glacial lake high in the mountains overflowed after heavy rainfall. The waters cracked open a 6-year-old Dam that was the largest in the Indian state of Sikkim and then followed to towns in the Lachlan Valley.

In 2021, the Indian federal government passed a dam safety law that needs operators and local government to plan for emergencies, but the Teesta-3 dam is not listed as being monitored for safety by India’s chief dam regulator, the Central Water Commission.

The study already warned the Indian government that the dam looked a growing risk of catastrophic floods. South Lhonak Lake has been rising in recent years as a warming climate melts the glaciers that feed it, putting pressure on the dam, but it wasn’t clear what triggered that beach Wednesday.

As rescue efforts continue in the northern state of India. Questions are being asked about how this disaster happened, and what if anything, can be done to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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