India's Complaint Rejected By ICAO Against Pakistan's Airspace Ban!

India’s Complaint Rejected By ICAO Against Pakistan’s Airspace Ban!

The world knows that India recently got its first French Rafale with ‘nimboo ki shakti’ from France. But what’s the point of owning a Rafale but no sky to fly? Well, after facing severe consequences from Pakistan at several stances, imbecile Modi is now being humiliated globally. Earlier today, news came in that the ICAO has rejected India’s complain against Pakistan’s airspace ban.

Yet again, Pakistan blocked its airspace for India!

Earlier this year, Pakistan blocked its airspace for India in response to the ongoing brutality in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Since the ban, India’s national airline, Air India has suffered a loss of millions in monetary terms. Recently, India’s responsive complaint against Pakistan’s airspace ban in the International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO) was also rejected.

India's Complaint ICAO


Yet again, humiliation was part of India’s fate and another rejection was added to the list. Apparently, India had asked to use Pakistan’s airspace prior to Modi’s visit to a business conference in Saudi Arabia on 28th October. Similar to September, yet again, Pakistan denied to provide airspace to the vile Indian Premier Modi to fulfill his visit’s agenda.

Pakistan’s Qureshi revealed the news last week!

Among Pakistan’s other efforts of freeing Kashmiris from India’s illegal occupation, banning its airspace for Indian flights was also one. On 27th October, Foreign Affairs Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated, “Today is October 27, a Kashmir Black Day, and we rejected the Indian government request in view of their violation of human rights and their atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir.” 

India's Complaint ICAO

Tehran Times

ICAO’s official statement regarding the issue!

Regarding the complaint, the ICAO spokesperson said, “The Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), which ICAO helps governments to cooperate under, only applies to the operations of civilian aircraft and not to state or military aircraft.” Apparently, the statement might have cleared the Indian government’s doubts about using Pakistan airspace ever.

Further elaborating the statement, the ICAO official added, “Flights carrying national leaders are considered state aircraft and are therefore not subject to ICAO provisions.” Taking the Kashmir narrative, Pakistan’s strict stance against India’s gruesome activities in IOK has surely cost India a lot till now.

Not the first time, not the last time!

Previously also, India had sought permission to go through Pakistan’s airspace twice. Back in September, Indian PM Modi was denied the country’s airspace prior to his visit to Germany. Later, the Indian President Kovind’s Iceland route was disrupted because of Pakistan’s blocked airspace for Indian flights.

India's Complaint ICAO

Pakistan Today

Well, India was caught involved in another naive act last month which later became the reason to laugh. In September, an Indian flight filled with passengers illegally entered into Pakistan’s airspace despite the imposed ban. Reportedly, the flight was then escorted towards its destination by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The sensible and timely response by the PAF was well appreciated by the masses.

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