Joy Of Indians Over PSX Attack Raises Question – Who Is The Real Terrorist Now?

Pakistan stock exchange attack Indian react Twitter

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday was attacked by terrorists in Karachi. There were reports of intense firing and hand grenade attacks. According to local media, four militants had stormed the PSX building and open fired.

As per reports, militants launched a grenade attack at the main gate of the building. They then stormed the building open firing. Moreover, a police officer and the security guard were among the wounded. The injured are shifted to Civil Hospital.

Terrorists attack PSX

“An unfortunate incident took place at the Pakistan Stock Exchange,” Abid Ali Habib, Director Pakistan Stock Exchange told Reuters. “They made their way from our parking area and opened fire on everyone.”

Since the news of the horrible incident came to light. Indians on Twitter started cheering and celebrating Pakistan’s unfortunate tragedy.

Many took to Twitter to let their ‘satisfaction’ be known.

Meanwhile, Indians’ indifference towards civilians being shot down and unknown casualties is a pathetic attempt to flaunt their ‘patriotism’. Sharing a viral video of the attack and making a mockery out of an unfortunate incident shows the mentality of a ‘Hindu extremist’ state.

Moreover, many Indians are linking this unfortunate incident with Prime minister Imran Khan. Citing his latest ‘slip of the tongue’ as he called Osama Bin Laden a ‘shaheed’ in Parliament.

India promoting ‘terrorism’ as ‘patriotism’

Further, what is truly a difficult time for Pakistani civilian families as they pray for their loved one’s safe return? Indians’ tactless tweets about the attack and its consequences reflect their nation’s true face.

The gunmen initially threw a grenade then opened fire on a security post outside the building. However, all four killed were killed when security forces posted there responded bravely. No one can match the power of Pakistan’s security forces whether it is the police, Rangers, or the army to defend the country and its people. Pakistan Zindabad!


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