These Independence Day Celebrations from All Across Pakistan Will Take Your Breath Away

This year, Independence Day celebrations across the country were in full swing. And why not? It was a supremely special occasion due to the fact that Pakistan has completed 70 years. This country and its people have been through a lot. Unrelenting problems have snapped from all directions in the past decades, yet our fellow Pakistanis kept the national spirit alive this Independence Day.

Source: Al Jazeera

Prior to the day, the only colors we saw in the streets, roadsides, neighborhoods and almost every corner of the country were green and white. The nation was prepped up for the biggest celebration in the approaching time. Then the dawn came. The day when it was all going to happen. Pakistanis from the seashore in Karachi till the highest peak up-North began their celebrations. Thanks to the Internet, we can take a look at everything!

Then the dawn came. The day when it was all going to happen. From the seashore in Karachi till the highest peak up North, Pakistanis began their celebrations. People went beyond the norms, beyond the miles, and beyond everything to carry out celebrations and my word, all turned out amazing! Thanks to the Internet, we can take a look at everything.

So, let us look how Pakistan was uplifted on the biggest occasion in the country

We went to Twitter and Instagram to find out how the nation celebrated the Independence Day.



This waving flag is a gateway to goosebumps

Scenes from Karachi

and Islamabad

All kinds of people. All kinds of stories. All kinds of perspectives. What remains above all? Those colors. Whattta picture!

The minorities weren’t behind at all!

Because it’s 2017

Look at that crowd in Peshawar!


A thousand emotions in this one

Asia’s biggest flag right at the Wagah border

Fireworks lit the sky at Chaman Border

Every Pakistani in their own way!

That’s not all; more than 25 thousand Pakistanis used this Facebook DP filter by Telenor on Independence Day

The key takeaway: every Pakistan in their own way, no matter how little or large, leaped forward to mark this occasion. It was not only confined to the major cities and mega-budget celebrations but by combining individual efforts for an unconditional love for this country. Everyone did their own part and it’s making us proud!

How did you celebrate the occasion of 70th Independence of Pakistan?

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