12 Incredibly Honest Tweets That Sum Up Your Desi Existence!

12 Incredibly Honest Tweets That Sum Up Your Desi Existence!

We have a unique way of going about life; the rest of the world will do something in a normal, logical manner, but desi’s will always be able to find a jugaar way for it.

Our inexplicable hilarious quirks are summed up brilliantly in the following tweets. You aren’t desi enough if you can’t relate to these!

1. Mom versus Nazar;

2. Because good weather obviously isn’t meant to be enjoyed;

“Baarish me bahar na jao, keechar hoga”.

3. There’s no such thing as ‘disposable’;

4. The desi whispers;

5. Desi girls can tell their fortunes;

(Because most of them have just one).


6. The unparalleled euphoria that inexpensive things bring;

7. Because the waiters are our chacha kay betay:


8. “8 bajay ki dawat do toh 10 bajay aengay”.

9. The ultimate desi decision maker:

10. The reproduction will never end:

11. Unabashedly binging on street food:

12. The desi purpose of existence:


Here’s to living life the desi way!

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