This Intermediate Student From Lahore Is Depicting The Real Picture Of Results 2016

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Shattered dreams, lost hopes, depressed minds, red-tinted eyes, disappointment vibes and fake satisfactions… How can one describe the day of 10th October 2016 for Part-I students of intermediate more precisely? Since the descent man on Earth, he has been a very unthankful towards what he is bestowed with. You might have heard of that girl who secured 404/405 in 9th Class , BISE Gujranwala. She refused to accept the reward from the principal as an outcry that why 1 mark got deducted. Like, seriously?

Apart from the human instinct, there was something bizarre happened this time in the marking of 1st Year Board Examinations. It was a complete MAYHEM! The students who were quite sure that they were easily going to bag 90% or so were met with utter disappointment, for some, it was 80% and there are people having 70%, having thoughts that their lives are almost finished and indeed, internally, they are!

Beta Kitne Marks Ae? Dead.


Source: Campus Diaries

And you are dead inside when someone asks “Beta kitnay marks aye?” , and you reply them with a fake smiling gesture. GRIEVE! What’s even more harrowing is that when some relatives show up from their bills, whom they were hidden as your last result, and start boasting about their relative’s kid/neighbor’s kid marks. The comparison is the biggest curse, the students have to go through multiple comparisons and this job is done by all the elders, EQUALLY & FLAWLESSLY! (Though aunties enjoy this conversation more than anyone else do)

Selfish Friends



It is a reality that enviousness is among friends (to some extent), most won’t just talk about it but it exists, when your friends get low marks you are having a sorrowful feeling towards him, but when he scores more than you, it just blows your mind off and you remember when he used to distract you by saying “Main ne tou kuchh bhi nahi parha yaar, tu bhi chhor chill kar!” . You feel like : YOU ******* !!

On asking an examiner that what is the reason behind this disastrous marking beside burnt breakfast by wife and quarrel with wife, I was met with the answer which was later put into this :

Okay, let’s give them a chance

Reason 1


Source: Giphy

There were numerous irregularities found in this result , which were hilarious and pitiable at the same time.
88/85 in Biology, wow
87/85 in Chemistry, marvelous

Reason 2

But this one just stole our souls


Source: Tenor

Well, thinking optimistically
Bad thing- Result was not up to that mark
Good thing- Everyone is under the same grudge!

The immediate reaction after the result came out , we saw that a campaign initiated by the Lahori students started gaining popularity like forest catches fire. This campaign was followed tremendously and this trend was started in other cities too. In order to make their voices echo the ears of higher authorities, Lahore Press Club was the place chosen for protest and later to be carried to Chairing Cross, Mall Road. Students came in like bees rushing, all the girls and boys performed a sit-in and in the end , the fruit of their effort was brought. Still, processions are to be carried out in many cities on the same footing.

What Would We Get?


Source: Blogs @ Brandeis University

Now after all this chaotic and catastrophic scenario, the question arises … can those sleepless nights come back? Can fruit to that patience during exams come back? Are we going to get compensation for our mental stress? Are we going to have consideration for our mental stress? Are we going to get enough courage and self-confidence we had before result? Can we bravely face our relatives again who had expectations from us? Would our parents ever be able to get that investment back which they spent on our expensive education so that we can compete well? and above all, Can we look into mirror and feel not humiliated? The answer is YES! Not merely by working hard again next time (which seems pointless at the moment), but if the promise is made to recheck the papers , ALLEGEDLY, intact. All we can do is hope but remember,

Keep in mind RRR Policy:
Resist – Reluct – Rebel

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