People Are Falling In Love With PTI’s Shandana Gulzar Khan for her Views and Ahem, for Her Beauty

Meet Shandana Gulzar Khan – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s MNA Who Perhaps A Lot of People Did Know Of

Shandana Gulzar is the member of National Assembly since August 2018. In case you are wondering why you haven’t seen before is only because she recently joined.

As the elected politician for MNA, she was on the women reserved seat from KPK in this year’s general elections.

Shandana Gulzar is Masters in International Economic Laws and is serving her nation as the Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Commerce.


A pretty intellectual profile, isn’t it? Now wait till you hear her speak on the current economic fiasco happening in Pakistan.

Without Any Attacks on the Opposition or Without Being Rude, Shandana Spoke Economic Facts Which Pakistanis Need to Know About

In her interview with a local news channel, Shandana shared that how Pakistan’s current account deficient is in between $36-38 billion, out which $20 billion is just the remittances.  She further stated that there is a reason why the government decided to increase the prices of those goods which are not beneficial for the ‘common man’ of this country. This was only because the riches can afford regardless of what the prices are, but the poor cannot. This measure was also to accommodate the debt and generate revenue in an effective manner.

“We know what has not worked in the past will fail all over again,” said the MNA while telling how no political has saints whatsoever and neither is anyone claiming to be. She further added that certain painful decisions will have to be made.

“I can guarantee you that like parties all over the world, not just in Pakistan, we will also make mistakes, but they will be calculated mistakes.”

Additionally, She Mentioned Why “U-Turns” Can Take Place

While applauding Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shandana said, “Khan sahab ki ye baat shaid hi maine kuch world leaders mae dekhi hu k you make a decision and you feel that it was not the best decision, you then have the guts to correct yourself and say it publicly.”

“Ab aglay 5 saal bhi opposition isae u-turn kehte rahe tou not a problem.” 

Here’s the video of the her interview:

Pakistanis On the Other Hand Are Impressed by her Voice and her Looks…

Anyway, it is great to hear someone like Shandana who speaks with such clarity, knowledge and confidence that uplifts our spirits and hope in this government as well.

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