If You Live In Lahore, You Will Meet These 14 Rikshaw Walas No Matter What!

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1. The “Jo Munasib Rikshaw Wala”


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“Baji jo Munasib ho de dain.” Now your “Munasib” is not equal to their “Munasib”

2. The “sirf 250, from Gulberg to Gulberg Rikshaw wala”


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“Baji, petrol ki price dekhi hai aap ne?”

3. The Stalker


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Yes, If you are walking alone, he will stalk you till the end of the world.

4. The Angry Bird


Source: Giphy

“Baji apnay to kaha tha nazdeek hai, ye toh to pata nahi kahan sekahan le ker ai hain”

5. The “Anti-Government” Insaan


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“Ye jo hukmaran hamary kr rhy hain na baji, inhon ne to mulk ka bera gharaq kr dia hai. Main bta rha hun apko.”

6. The “I have Change But I won’t give you any” Rikshaw wala


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“Baji change nahi, me khulay krwa deta hu. Laen dain paise.”

7. The “Shortcut Rikshaw wala”


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“Baji ye wala raasta (Only God Knows) shortcut hai, ap pata nahi kaha say jati hai.” This path will probably end up being the longer route.

8. The Khabees Wala


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And this one is recent, I was going home from Gulberg, and this guy demanded 180. But I had made my mind for 150 Only, and he went nuts.
He said, “Baji mujhe pata hai ap kay pass pesa hai, DO.”

9. The “Well Mannered”


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You give him money and he says, “Thankyou.”

10. The one who shares his life story in one Rikshaw Ride


Source: Desimartini.com

You tell him the area, and wow, he lives near by, he is from Multan.

Wait, Wait, there’s More.

11. The Judgemental One


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Itnay kam paise? Baji tawadda tey dimagh kharab ay”

12. The One who always says “Baji baat tu sunain??”


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“Chalay ap bta dain kitnay mein jaingee?”

13. The Choosy One


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Wapda Town? Some don’t even answer, they just look at you if you are crazy or something and LEAVE.

and last but not the least,

14. “Baji Roz Roz Ati Hain Rikshaw Lagwa Len” Wala


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