In Conversation With Sanchita: The Indian Out To Change The World


Parhlo:  How would you define Sanchita Dwivedi?

SD: The moment when a baby opens its eyes to this world, I am the curiosity of those eyes. The girl who’s been pushed down and broken but holds the passion to scale the mountains, I am the resilience in her. The kid who’s never crossed the walls of restrictions; I’m the dream in those eyes. The generation of those who wish to have been born in a rather different and beautiful world, I find myself to be the imagination of their minds. When tears of fear roll down the cheek of war refugees, I am the compassion inside the one who embraces those poor souls. The world which runs after the glory I’m that glitterati. The soldiers who march on field I am that discipline. I am the observer, the dreamer, the one who imagines, who fails but never loses self confidence, who is compassionate, who’s energetic and above all, hopeful. This is who Sanchita Dwivedi is. This…is ME.

Parhlo:  Tell us about your business/organization?

SD: SUSTAINABLE UPLIFTMENT THROUGH PARTICIPATORY PROCESS ON RURAL TRANSFORMATION (SUPPORT) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, working for the weaker and deprived sections of the society in India. Its mission is to bring qualitative improvement & changes in lives of the vulnerable & deprived sections of the society.

Parhlo:  How is your organization making a difference? And how do you think it will cross borders?

SD: As an organization we push people to achieve their goals and desires and give them courage as well as hope to live a standardized life. For women who have suffered from acid attacks, rape and domestic violence are taught skills to become financially independent. We would love to extend a helping hand outside India. I hope our organization is able to help India’s neighboring countries and its ailing people as well. After all borders can never divide the trust in humanity.

Parhlo: What is it that drives you towards building and achieving your goals?

SD: Coming from a high class family with a strong financial background I never faced any difficulties in any aspect. When I entered in my teenage years, my father’s strong drive to help people mould me in a person where I started seeing the world and its pain from a different angle. I visited many villages, interacted with rural people and got to know how miserable lives they are dealing with. When I interacted with the victims I was shattered into pieces. I get motivated when elders and senior citizens walk up to me and say what I’m doing is not less than a magic. The smile, the hope, the happiness, the courage and the love push me forward to serve these people and that’s my only aim. I don’t need blessings from lord, I count the blessings which I get from people and to get more blessings and affection I will continue to make difference and work hard towards my goal and that is to create a happy world.

Parhlo: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

SD: I’m a law student so I wish to become a lawyer. My aim and goal is to shine and make people shine. I want to create a standardized lifestyle so that everyone feels equal so for that I have to work for years to achieve 20% of it after 5 years. At times things go beyond money and wealth and I want to see myself touching that infinite wisdom and strata after 5 years. As a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a lawyer I want myself to be a productive and intellectual person who knows how to manage and deal with the deprived sections after 5 years.

Parhlo:  What would be your ultimate goal for the youth around you? Are they missing anything in particular?

SD:  My ultimate goal for the youth is to join the same analogy which I’m working on maybe through different participatory process. But I just want them to know and clearly see the real world. At times it’s not just about uploading statuses on current situation and events, it’s about taking charge of that situation and making a difference. More awareness is what I demand from youth, more participation, more intellectual knowledge, more emotional balance.

Parhlo:  What is your advice to other individuals who are trying to achieve a dream like yourself?

SD:  I’m no one to advise anyone. I work for my people those sufferers are my family and I will continue to work for them until unless I achieve what I have planned for them. The only thing I want to say to people who are trying to achieve goals like me is that initial stage for everyone is very hard it doesn’t matter how long you take to achieve things but never stop keep working for it. Don’t leave the battlefield fight either you die or you win the game. Failures are those which shatter you and gives you a new enthusiasm and addiction to work again on the same thing with a new force, new imagination and new creation. If people try to throw stones at you, collect those stones and build an empire.

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