In A First, Garena Free Fire Introduces TVCs In Pakistan & You Will Love Them!

Garena Free Fire Introduces TVCs In Pakistan

The battle royale game launched by Garena (a mobile game publisher based in Singapore), Free Fire, is one of the most popular games played on mobile devices. Players just love it.

And, guess what? In its first in Pakistan, the most downloaded mobile game globally has now introduced TVCs. Yes, you heard it right!

Free Fire has already taken the battle royale gaming enthusiasts, particularly in Pakistan, by storm through their DVCs. However, they have upped their game through not one but two mind-blowing TVCs.

Not just the concepts of the TVCs are cool, but their representations are also spot on that they will hook you till the end. And, we bet, you will love both!

Banaye Naye Dost with Free Fire – TVC featuring Ali Gul Pir

Gone are the days when people used to think E-sports gaming is nothing but a waste of time and energy. The online gaming industry today is worth billions of dollars globally and is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment.

Free Fire is also fun, challenging, and most importantly, has allowed gamers get a fanbase, and monetize their gaming skills.

This Ramzan, not only you can win tons of valuable prizes while playing Free Fire, but you can also make new friends. And, that is what this Free Fire TVC explains.

The TVC features Pakistan’s favorite Rapper-comedian Ali Gul Pir as the father of a kid who is a Free Fire player. At the start of the commercial, Ali notices that his son is always playing games on his phone and indirectly mocks him for not going out, and making new friends. He brags about his childhood that how he used to be surrounded by friends to make his point. 

Ting Tong! The doorbell rings. Ali opens the main gate just to find a kid standing there. After giving Ali a noticeable smile, the kid barges in without even asking for Ali’s permission or invitation. Ali doesn’t even make it back to the room when the doorbell rings again. Fast forward, the doorbell continues ringing until all the sofas in the room are full of kids. A visibly confused and frustrated Ali asks, who are all these kids? His son, smiling from ear to ear, responds that they are his Free Fire friends.

Right back at ya, dad! Would have been cool to see a mic drop moment for the rocking kid!

Check out the TVC here:

Ramzan ki Raatain with Free Fire – TVC

Don’t we always crave to have a squad gaming experience with our loved ones or friends over a cup of tea at home or some happening place? Such is the beauty of an E-sports gaming experience that can be enjoyed anywhere. 

Shaam ki chai with friends and family is always fun in Pakistan, and with Free Fire, the charm of this happy time will become double now.

During cozy Ramzan nights, after you are done with your prayers and iftaars, all you need is some real friends, chai (tea), and Free Fire.

This next TVC features a typical Pakistani dhaaba where some Free Fire friends have gathered to play the game over a cup of chai. OK, we mean cups! The chaiwala chacha gets so tired at the end making more and more chai that he stops and yells, what’s been happening?

Little did he know that when friends gather to play Free Fire, the time just stops for them and they are hooked to the fun. It goes without saying that this Ramzan too, one can also win incredible prizes by taking part in Free Fire activities.

Check out the TVC here:

What is Free Fire – Ramzan DVC

Free Fire has done DVCs before as well. However, their Ramzan DVC tells you exactly yet briefly what the battle royale game is all about? And, if you don’t know about Free Fire, you must check this DVC out. It tells you what kind of a game it is, and what special features it has that make it different and exciting from other battle royale games.

For instance, in Free Fire, players can play using different unique characters and pets. You can always just pick any! You cannot always just pick any without having them in your inventory. By default, you have some unlocked characters available for use. The rest are locked and need to be bought by the player to use them.

And, you know what the best part about the Ramzan in-game rewards is? The most valuable and demanded item of the game, the Magic Cube, which is being given away this holy month of Ramzan. This Magic Cube can be exchanged for some of the rarest and most valuable character skin bundles that you can find in the game. Free Fire offers the Magic Cube just once a year, and this year, they have decided to offer HUGE prizes during Ramzan, making their campaign one of the biggest and most generous in terms of what they have to give to their current and new users.

Another awesome feature of Free Fire is that you can not ONLY play it ‘solo,’ but you can also enjoy its ‘duo mode’ with another friend, and its ‘squad mode’ with three more friends. Wait, we have more! If you have an army of gamer friends, you can choose to enjoy it with 50 friends at the same time using the ‘custom room’. WOW!

Check out the DVC here:

So, what are you waiting for? Download Free Fire, the ultimate survival shooter game now, and start playing it.

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