Imran Khan’s Message to His Party Followers is Winning Everyone’s Hearts!

After the Panama verdict, the entire Pakistani social space is indulged in the on-going Imran Khan-Ayesha Gulalai fiasco. The MNA and former PTI worker Ayesha Gulalai accused Imran Khan of sending her lewd messages, which resulted in her leaving the political party. On the other hand, workers have stated that Khan denied Gulalai’s request of a ticket due to her poor attendance in the assembly.

As a result, Gulalai left the party and starting the blame-game. While attacking Imran Khan, Gulalai mentioned how Imran Khan is bringing Westernization in Pakistan, which is opposite to the roots of the country.

PTI supporters, in return, started bashing Ayesha Gulalai’s sister Maria Toorpakai, a squash player. The supporters bashed the squash player’s dressing which in reality is a uniform for playing the sport.

The Supporters Kept Pouring their Hate

Even News Channels were Reporting About It

There Were Many Who Supported And Requested to keep Maria Out of It


Not only Pakistanis but Imran Khan also Recognized how the supporters were Dragging Gulalai’s Sister and Spoke On it!

And Pakistanis Loved His Gesture

Regardless of what the situation is, it is indeed appalling to drag the family in this matter. It does not give the right to the supporters to character assassin someone.

Maria is a nation’s pride – she has earned in the name of Pakistan, for Pakistan. Is this how we return her the favor? Think about it!

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