Imran Khan’s Latest Comments on Feminism Has Caused An Uproar Among Pakistanis

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf supporters are having a tough time on the internet these days – from defending the book by Reham Khan to defending the recent actions by the party chairman Imran Khan right before the elections, Khan might be slipping a few things out of his hands based on the public support he has over the internet.

Imran Khan Was First Bashed By the Internet For Using a Private Plane to Travel to Saudi Arabia

Khan recently went for Umrah with his wife Bushra Bibi and did not use PIA or any other private airline – he instead using a private plane. This made Pakistanis question the nature of his trip’s funding.

And the Outrage Continued

Speculations on the Funding Were Made

With a few things more such as his confused interview with BBC channel and his low attendance at National Assembly used as an instrument to show his dedication towards the nation, things are growing out of proportion for Khan and PTI.

In his Recent Interview, Khan Presented his Say on Feminism And It Wasn’t Appreciated By Pakistanis

In an interview with Hum News, Khan said that feminism is a movement of the West which has degraded the role of mothers. Khan further stressed the importance of a mother in the upbringing of a child and mentioned the important role his mother played while he was growing up.

The statement somewhat failed to make some sense – Imran Khan’s sons are raised by his ex-wife Jemima Khan, who vocally advocates herself as a feminist and who, along with her sons, is the part of the Western culture.

This Raised Outrage On Social Media, Especially By the Female Following of Imran Khan and PTI

The Opposition Supporters Spoke As Well

That’ll Be Great


Makes Sense


With elections around the corner, Khan is making such mistakes that get an outrage from social media. Let’s see what happens on the day of elections and see if these mistakes have any effect on his support during voting.

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