Imran Khan’s Contradicting Tweet from 2016 Is Going Viral And Pakistanis Are Confused

There is one thing about social media; once you write something over your space, it never goes away. While you may delete it, people never forget to take screenshots.

The politics in Pakistan are pretty messed up and it begins with how every other politician previously pledged to one party and now have their support for another. This normally entails to how the opposition can pick up their comments and use it now for an entirely new purpose and well, this is what happens as well.

In the case of Imran Khan however, the opposing parties are always looking for ways to use his previous statements to his now-actions as the Prime Minister of the country.

And Omar R Qureshi, a Pakistani journalist found a contradicting tweet, but he might not be 100% right on the narrative he is trying to spread.

In 2016, Khan Made the Following Tweet

I am going to speak to the KP CM not to allow anyone to hunt Houbara Bustards in KP as it is a protected bird and hunting them is illegal.

Two Days, the News of Government Allowing the Shipping of 150 Falcons to UAE Was Seen In Reports

As per the reports of Express Tribune and other news outlets, Pakistan has allowed the shipment of 150 Shaheen Falcons to UAE, despite hunting ban on the endangered animals. There is a complete ban on hunting of migratory and rare birds in Pakistan, which is why Imran Khan barred the activities of hunting in KPK.

Now journalists, such as Omar R Qureshi are using Imran Khan’s tweet in 2016 to spread Khan’s contradicting views:

According to Sri Lankan research, Shaheen Falcon is a non-migratory subspecies of the peregrine falcons (which is a migratory species).

On the other hand, while the species is greatly confused, it is to add here that despite Pakistan practicing the ban on hunting, the government has the record of allowing Arab countries to hunt these rare breeds.

Perhaps we wait to see if the PTI government is following the same or not.

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