PM Imran Khan Urges Overseas Pakistanis to Donate to Dam Funds and Locals Are Not Amused

Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared on national television last night and addressed the nation briefly. While the majority lot was expecting Khan to address the removal of Atif Mian from EAC due to the involvement and pressure from religious clerics, prime minister only talked about water crisis and dam of Pakistan.

“Our debt today stands at Rs30,000 billion but the biggest problem we currently face is the water crisis,” said the prime minister of Pakistan while talking about the importance of dam funding. He further added, “I want to take over the fund-raising and want overseas Pakistanis to contribute like they used to do for the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital,” 

Additionally, Imran Khan urged overseas Pakistanis to make donations and contribution towards the dams fund in dollars so that the it may help in the depleting foreign exchange reserves.

Imran Khan Also Called Dams “Crowd Funded”

The overall address by Imran Khan received mixed reviews from the locals on how the government is depending on the donations of Pakistanis. Pakistanis believed Imran Khan was treating this another philanthropist project of his, asking people to donate like it another university project of his.

There Has Never Been Any

His Previous Promises Were Questioned

Everyone Was Confused on How Imran Khan Did Not Say Anything About the Entire Atif Mian Fiasco

Many Asked This Question


The nation, including the supporters of the party in power, are deep confusion given how they have handled the EAC issue. However, given the debt Pakistan is in, let’s all contribute towards the wellbeing of this nation!

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