PM Imran Khan’s Corona Relief Tiger Force Becomes Operational

Imran Khan Tiger Force

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan operationalized the Corona Relief Tiger Force, a voluntary organization to help control the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan. The main services of Tiger Force are to expedite the functioning of utility stores; execute SOPs at mosques, assist in the management of isolation and quarantine centers; pin down hoarders, profiteers, and the worthy people in their region and dispensation of ration.

Furthermore, in a parliamentary committee session, PM ordered all party leaders to deploy the relief force in their areas.

Besides, Prime Minister Imran Khan also commanded the provincial, supreme bureaucracy, and management to help the Tiger Force in executing government guidelines.

“It is the best opportunity for the public representatives to sever their people,” PM Khan said. “The current situation demands that we forget our differences and serve our nation.”

Imran Khan

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“Members of the assembly should form their teams in the constituencies and reach out to the deserving people,” the prime minister stated and continued that MNAs should too play a part in the execution of SOPs in mosques.

Imran Khan added that the federal government is taking measures to give relief to all segments of society.

“In the current situation, we have to work as a team. I know everyone is working to the best of their abilities. We will successfully fight the coronavirus with unity and discipline.”

The role of the Corona Relief Tiger Force

 Prime minister Khan limelight the role of Corona Relief Tiger Force.

He said, “Volunteers will have to register all those that have lost their jobs due to the lockdown at their respective union councils. Not everyone can register themselves so that is where the force will come in.”

He continued volunteers would also watch the ‘Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme’ and give their feedback.
“If you see hoarding anywhere, don’t take action yourself but tell the administration. They will take action.”

More than half a million people had registered for the ‘Corona Relief Tiger Force’ since enrollment started on March 31.

Reportedly, the volunteers would also be given education on security, quarantine, relief, health, and awareness. Furthermore, duties would be assigned to them according to their qualification and age. Besides, A code of conduct has also been announced for the enlistees.

The Tiger Force would work under the administration of a district steering committee. The Committee includes deputy commissioner, District Police Officer (DPO), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) (revenue); all members of the national assembly (MNAs), and notables of the district. Moreover, Alike committees have also been created at the tehsil and union council level.

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