Imran Khan's Assassination Threat Has Terrified Many Pakistanis And It Is Insane

Imran Khan’s Assassination Threat Has Terrified Many Pakistanis And It Is Insane

Since the day Imran Khan was announced the PM of Pakistan, he has been receiving lots of love and hate as he takes over the office as the much-awaited prime minister of the country. But here is another report that has proven to be worrisome for many Pakistanis.

Yes, it the terrifying threat against our Prime Minister which was reported by a Pakistani journalist and TV anchor Sadia Afzaal on Friday night. While reporting the threat, Sadia claimed that Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) local groups were contacted by a famous religious-political personality of Pakistan to order the assassination of Mr. Khan.

She also assured the news was confirmed by ‘very reliable sources’. Not only Saadia but, News One TV anchor, Jasmeen Manzoor also And News One TV anchor Jasmeen Manzoor made a similar claim alerting to the se

Not only these anchors but Zaid Hamid, defence analyst, also tweet this:

“Let me tell you, there is a real threat to IK’s life….& guess what, Pakistan’s own political parties are planning to assassinate him…I cannot say more than this at this stage…. TTP has been contacted by one Pol party to hire suicide bombers…it is that dirty in reality.”

Here’s the video in which anchor Saadia Afzaal reports through credible sources how a religio-political leader contacted Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to assassinate Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan…

On Friday, Jasmeen Manzoor tweeted:

“High placed sources have disclosed that severe security threat to PM Imran Khan. I will also disclose who contacted TTP local groups for planning to assassinate him. May Allah protect him, Ameen.”

This indeed saddening . However, the law enforcement agencies have already tightened the prime minister’s security after at least nine suspected terrorists were picked up during search operations in the Banigala area where Imran’s personal residence is located.

May Allah protect him. Ameen.

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