PM Imran Khan Finally Takes Notice Of The Ridiculous Inflation And We’re Hoping For Some Serious Action!

Pakistan witnessed the highest inflation in 2018 after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf became the governing party. The sudden hike in prices of petroleum and goods rattled households of the common Pakistani men and caused major stress to the poor who barely survive on a day to day basis. The inflation rose to a whopping 9.4% and didn’t seem to stop increasing. Ramadan 2019 became a challenge for the people as grocery shopping cost them 30% more.

Source: Pakistan And Gulf Economist

The incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech at the Shaukat Khanam Hospital’s fundraiser ceremony in Karachi on 24th of May, reassured the distressed Pakistanis that only two to three months ahead are tough after which Pakistan will recover faster and become one of the most successful countries.

The Video Below Perfectly Summarizes The Recent Economic Devastation.

Prime Minister Finally Takes Notice Of The Serious Price Hike And Ineffectiveness Of Price Controlling Laws; Proposes For The Price Control Committees To Become More Effective.

Imran Khan after identifying the flawed system that didn’t properly regulate or controlled the prices along with the lack of communication among the stakeholders and vendors planned to run a special campaign that will monitor and control prices.

The price control committees will constantly keep a check on the prices and report the rates of essential commodities ensuring their effective implementation. All concerned stakeholders are advised to devise a strategy that will implement price control laws from the wholesale markets to retail shops.

For this campaign to be successful a performance evaluation mechanism is also on the table that will reward and punish to ensure full accountability.

Provincial Secretaries Are Asked To Make Frequent Surprise Rounds In The Districts.

The field officers are also directed to visit wholesale markets, especially at the time of the auctions to make sure to ensure rightful execution of the actual rates. Fortunately, no issue has been left unattended. Even those who charge surplus amounts are to be probed and taken strict action against.

The letter has asked an implementation report on the given directives above to be submitted to the PM’s office within seven days.

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