WATCH: Imran Khan Spotted Riding On A Rickshaw In Sialkot!

imran khan in rickshaw

After 22 years of fighting for the office, Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was sworn in as Pakistan’s 22nd Prime Minister. Khan was a shoo-in for the role, particularly after a tremendous victory by his party numbers during the elections. Pakistanis not only love him unconditionally but also really look up to him.

Pakistan has previously been quite unfortunate when it comes to having honest and visionary leadership. However, back in 2018, after incurring decades of corruption, Pakistan finally got Prime Minister Imran Khan as their leader.

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Our country encourages us to live an exuberant lifestyle in which we distinguish ourselves from others. Not only in private but also in public, we often see ourselves as better than others. Many of us do not even bother to hide it. We lack the concept of ‘equality’ to the core.

However, while the VIP culture is much fretted about in Pakistan and the elite never seems to shun the practice of anguishing the masses, our premier seems to have set an example for others to follow.

In a video that recently surfaced on social media, PM Khan is spotted riding in a chingchi rickshaw. Soon, the video went viral, leaving the viewers utterly shocked.

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But wait… that does not look like him. Did we just discover a doppelganger of our PM? Well, it seems so! We can’t believe the uncanny resemblance – the facial features look so similar.

The thought of having a lookalike is both thrilling and exciting. Doppelgangers tend to woo and excite the public, especially when one throws popular figures in the mix. The striking resemblance with Khan can be seen easily and we wonder if he has seen this video yet.

According to the details, the video was apparently recorded in Sialkot. In addition to this, it must be noted that this is not the first time Khan’s lookalike was spotted. Back in 2018, a few girls saw a lookalike of him driving a Mehran. It did not take long for the video to go viral soon after his election as the country’s premier.

Meanwhile, one can only hope that the VIP culture rampant in Pakistan is also dealt with in pursuance of the aspirations of the masses, and the leaders here also set an example for the world leaders to follow.

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