After Last Night’s Speech, Everyone Wants To Know What PM Imran Was Wearing?

Imran Khan asking world for debt relief

Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday urged the world for debt relief during these times of adversity. The main subject of his speech was financial institutions, the United Nations (UN), and rich countries. However, people on social media including his former wife Reham Khan criticized the premier for wearing informal clothes while communicating with the world. 

PM Imran’s speech

“This is the issue with most countries of the developing world suffering from very high debt to the GDP ratio, so the problem in these highly indebted countries is that they now face lack of fiscal space,” 

Imran Khan said, “We do not have the money to spend on already overstretched health services, and secondly, to stop people from dying of hunger.”

Imran Khan asking world for debt relief

Source: Twitter

“Therefore, I appeal to world leaders, to UN secretary-general (Antonio Guterres) and to heads of the financial institutions, to launch an initiative, an initiative that will give debt relief to developing countries to combat the coronavirus,” the PM said.

Moreover, “In the developing world, apart from containing the virus and dealing with the economic crisis, our biggest worry now is to save people from dying of hunger. The dilemma on the one side is to save people from COVID-19 and on the other to save them from dying of hunger due to prolonged lockdowns,” Mr. Khan said.

“To give an example of Pakistan with a population of over 220 million people, so far the maximum stimulus we could afford is $8bn, and this is the issue with most of the developing countries,” he asserted.

The criticism 

Reham Khan, the former wife of PM Khan, who always tweets about ‘Naya Pakistan’, says he needs “Chanda for clothes. “Furthermore, Reham said, “Does he know his time is up? Not bothering with Sherwani now!!”

Not only Reham but many others also rebuked the premier on his track-suit.

Journalist Cyril Almeida questioned the PM

Did the premier disrespect the world leaders?

He is also disappointed

However, many on Twitter are supporting the clothes of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM’s supporters to the rescue

Are they?

Desperate rhetoric!


Is he right?

Journalist Mahim Maher thinks he was wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo for £139.


People reacted with mixed reactions, however, many supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan supersede those who are against him. The primary matter of the time is Pakistan is out of funds and needs money to counter the pandemic. We hope the message has been sent across properly to the world.

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