These points from Imran Khan’s speech made me a PTI supporter

Yesterday, Imran Khan gave his first speech after his political party (PTI) won majority of votes in the elections. I’m not the biggest fan of Imran Khan but he made some very good points in his speech.

Want to make Pakistan a welfare state, as per Medina.

This point is the most crucial to me. There is a huge class difference in our society, where 1% of people have 50% of the wealth. Making Pakistan a welfare state is definitely the best way to combat this, ensuring that people everywhere will have a basic, decent, standard of living.

Will make policies to help poor and marginalized communities.

Quaid-e-Azam dreamed of a Pakistan where everyone can live together in peace, regardless of race or religion. Policies such as these will ensure that every minority is safe while practicing their own beliefs.

Will give clean water

Pakistan is going through a water crisis which will only get worse in the coming years. If Khan has a plan to deal with it, it is a very good thing.

Accountability will start from me and my Ministers

Accountability is everything when it comes to governing a country. The decisions you make impact the entire population of Pakistan and their scrutiny is necessary.

Will reduce cost and difficulty in doing business

This is a very tricky thing to pull off but if IK can do it, I’ll have newfound respect for him. Many small-scale startups fail when due to costs and lack of funding, thereby preventing further growth for Pakistan’s business industry.

The change will start with me and my team.

A great leader always sets an example for his people to follow. Why would they follow something their own leader doesn’t believe in?

We will learn poverty alleviation from China.

China has had to deal with mass poverty for a while now so they are the perfect nation to learn poverty relief from.

Afghanistan has lost most in War on Terror followed by Pakistan. Both countries need peace.

There has been too much loss of life on both sides. It is time to end this war and make peace.

I was portrayed as a Bollywood villain in India. But, I understand we need good relations with India, we need trade relations. 

India is our immediate neighbour and regardless of border conflicts, building a healthy relationship with them is essential.

Needless to say, PTI supporters are ecstatic and are sharing their feelings on Twitter.

Even the biggest enemies are praising him.

His oratory skills were beyond impressive.

Best of all, he was humble.

Congratulation on your victory, Mr Khan. I hope sincerely hope that everything you said in your speech, you adhere to.

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