Imran Khan Shared The Limelight With World Leaders AT SCO, While Modi Was Left Ignored!

Prime Minister Imran Khan had a wonderful time at the 19th Meeting of the Council of the Heads of State (CHS) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. He rocked the national Pakistani Shalwar Kameez and stood out in the crowd. Even though our naive Prime minister broke some protocols, but still he got a lot of positive attention. Furthermore, he also had the opportunity to chit-chat informally with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister Imran Khan enjoyed special attention of President Putin, And Modi was left isolated:

Today during the lunch the two heads of states sat together, and they were seen engrossed in conversation. While our friend Modi clearly did not enjoy his lunch.

Isn’t it too obvious from his facial expressions?

As the two heads of states are chatting, it is clear in the video how the Indian prime minister is extra concerned with their discussion. Just like a little boy angry at his friend who has made a new friend and can be seen in the limelight.

Pakistanis are loving the new friendship in the making:

Earlier, at yesterday’s dinner, given by the Kyrgyzstan president in honor of the heads of states attending the 19th SCO summit, President Putin and Prime Minister Imran Khan shook hands, they held an informal meeting. The Indians have close diplomatic ties with Russia since inception, but it seems to be changing because of Khan’s charisma.

The changing geopolitical situation is giving birth to new ties and friendships:

During the various sessions of the summit, the world leaders interacted with each other and discussed matters of bilateral interest. Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Vladimir Putin engaged with each other the most.  The two heads of state stood next to each other during the photo session too, while Modi could only manage a corner. We think he lacks the needed confidence.

Twitter was really quick to notice their closeness during the sessions:

So, what exactly are they talking about?

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his interview with the Russian news agency said that both countries were discussing an arms deal, he also mentioned the cold war days are over and the relation between the Pakistani armed forces and the Russian military has grown immensely. Modi, surely, felt the burn!

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