Imran Khan or Shahrukh Khan? His Recent Tweet Has Got All of Us Confused!

Apart from him being a stellar cricketer major wing of the political fraternity on Pakistani Twitter. Having millions of followers on his Twitter profile, Khan Sahab is seen actively engaging in all sorts of discussion and arguments that are currently trending! Recently, an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad on Tuesday, accepted Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, chief Imran Khan’s bail appeal in all four cases regarding an attack on Pakistan Television (PTV) headquarters in 2014.

Well, after the bail, Imran Khan added in his tweet that Supreme Court had pronounced him Sadiq and Ameen and he was going to pursue crooks. Quoting a famous Bollywood movie dialogue, the PTI chief said that ‘his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist’ and it was simply hilarious. And guys, you might be very well aware of the fact when a Tweet like that hits our Twitter feed, right? LOL. Well, this time we wonder what IK was up to when he tweeted this:


Is it really Shahrukh or Imran? LOL!

As soon as Imran Khan took to Twitter, people went crazy…

We couldn’t resist laughing ?



And guess who else jumped on the bandwagon, Maryam Nawaz!

“If ladla is not going to get bailed out then who will?”she taunted after the ATC verdict. Woah, lady!!!

Lol, seriously?


This guy was the happiest!

We literally got a laughing fit! What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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